Homemade Peanut Butter

Homemade Peanut Butter


  • 3 cups roasted peanuts, unsalted


  1. Add peanuts into the blender and mix for 5-10 minutes, as needed, until you obtain a smooth paste. You will most probably need to alternate speeds, starting at medium speed and then increasing to high.
  2. Use a spatula to push the unprocessed peanuts into the blades. Once you obtain a fine peanut cream, switch again to medium speed and continue blending until you obtain the desired consistency. The more you mix, the thinner the butter will get.
  3. Remove from the blender and store in an airtight container. You can serve on top of pancakes, waffles, in whole bread banana sandwiches, over apple slices, with oatmeal and so on.

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