Watermelon-Basil Margaritas


  • 12 c. seedless watermelon, cut into cubes
  • 4 tsp. sugar
  • 6-ounces silver tequila, or preferred choice
  • 12 basil leaves
  • 3-ounces triple sec
  • 6 c. small ice cubes


  1. On a baking sheet, lay out 24 cubes of water melon, place in freezer and allow to freeze for 1 hour.
  2. Place the remaining 6 c. of watermelon cubes in a blender with 4 tsp. sugar. Purée until smooth and strain. After straining you should have 3 cups of watermelon juice.
  3. Crush basil leaves with wooden spoon. Place the tequila and basil into a glass pitcher. Stir in the watermelon juice and triple sec.
  4. Place the frozen watermelon cubes into 6 tall serving glasses (4 cubes per glass). Using a cocktail shaker, combine 3/4 c. of the margarita mixture and 1 c. of ice. Shake well and pour into the first serving glass. Repeat process for remaining 5 serving glasses.
  5. Garnish each drink with a sprig of basil, if desired. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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